No Commissions
= Best Rates

Its Just That Simple!

No-one ever said they were excited about getting a mortgage, and well maybe they never will – but heck, it should at least be quick, easy, and cheap right?  So give it a go and let’s get you Empowered!

Imagine If Getting A Home Loan Was As Easy As Getting A Credit Card?

Well We Think It Should Be  (yes we are a little crazy)

Technology plus Common sense all at your fingertips!

How We're Lending Differently™:

Zero Commissions

Never Again!

Hope you are sitting down for this…the average Loan Officer earns 1.25% of the loan amount.  So, on a $300,000, 30-year fixed purchase mortgage with a 20% down payment, their Commission could cost you more than +$23,250 over the life of your loan.  Geesh right!  That’s what we thought, so we got rid of them.  Why pay more when you don’t have to.  
That’s Lending Differently™

Zero "Junk" Fees

Toss Them Out!

Junk Fees, are well…Junky right?  But all banks charge them, aka application, processing, underwriting, origination fees etc.  Yikes, that’s thousands of dollars of extra fees for you.  Well, were not like most banks.  Really, I mean who wants to be like a bank anyways?  More Empowered Savings for you!

Zero "Junk" Fees.

Toss Them Out!

Did you know most banks charge “junk fees” aka application, processing, underwriting, origination fees or points. Yikes that’s thousands of dollars of extra fees. Well, we think that is crazy, so we just don’t charge them. More Empowered Savings for you!

Zero Hassle

No Pain, All Gain!

Did you know you can actually sweat getting a mortgage?  That’s not cool, but sadly the mortgage process is exhausting.  Most loans take over 45 days, have over 20 people touching them…I am tired just typing this.  So we fixed it and made it quick, transparent, and simple.  You are Empowered to Close Your Way, On-Time.  We Guarantee It*

* Close On Time when buying a new home or will give you a $1,000 Lender Credit at closing. Ask your Loan Officer for details.  Promo does not apply to Refinancing.

Let’s Get You Empowered

Who Wants Real Rates & A Real Approval?  Go forth and conquer the housing market in less than 15 minutes

Our Mobile App puts the Power of Lending at Your Fingertips


Zowie! Sit back and relax as your phone sends you loan status updates


Send us all your loan goodies in a securely encrypted portal


Who ever said mortgage math was dull…well maybe someone


Simple smart application makes applying a breeze, especially if its breezy outside


All your loan contacts are always at your beck and call


Who needs pens and paper when you have your mighty index finger

Closed over $ 0 Billion
Over 35,000 Happy Homeowners

Let’s Get You Empowered

Get Real Rates and Get Pre-Qualified for a Mortgage or Refinance in Less Than 15 Minutes

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