No Commissions = Best Rates.
Its Just That Simple!

Whether you’re Buying your first home or Refinancing your current home, Empower Financial was designed with you in mind. We were born to Lend, and we do it in a simple, transparent and streamlined fashion. Technology meets Great People meets Mortgages. That’s Empower Financial! That’s Lending Differently™

zero Commissions.
zero “Junk” Fees.
zero Hassle.
100% Empowered!

We started with a simple belief that you should be Empowered to control your own financial destiny. We combined that with rapid technology and super friendly humans and voila Empower Financial was born.

How We're Lending Differently™:

zero Commissions.

zero "Junk" Fees.

zero Hassle.

zero Commissions. Never Ever!

Did you know the average Loan Officer earns 1.25% of the loan amount. On a simple $300,000, 30-year fixed purchase mortgage, with a 20% downpayment that Commission could cost you more than +$23,250 over the life of the loan. Why pay more when you don’t have to. That’s Lending Differently™

zero "Junk" Fees.
Toss Them Out!

Did you know most banks charge “junk fees” aka application, processing, underwriting, origination fees or points. Yikes that's thousands of dollars of extra fees. Well, we think that is crazy, so we just don’t charge them. More Empowered Savings for you!

zero Hassle.
No Pain All Gain!

Most mortgages take over 45 days to complete. Countless back and forth requesting and re-requesting docs. It’s painful, we know it. So, we have streamlined the whole process to get you closed easier and quicker. Your Empowered to Close Your Way, When You Want. We Guarantee It*

Let’s Get You Empowered

Get Real Rates and Get Pre-Qualified for a Mortgage or Refinance in Less Than 15 Minutes

Funded over $15 Billion

Over 35,000 Happy Homeowners